02 Jan

It Is Possible to Keep a Room That Faces the Sun Cool? [Find Out]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Window Insulation

Want to know how to keep a room that faces the sun cool – and in the process reduce your air conditioning bill to a pleasantly small amount? 

26 Dec

Best Way to Block Sun Heat from Windows [Professionally]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Window Insulation

Whether you live in the subtropical regions of Australia or are simply trying to battle the intense summer sun in another part of the country, your single pane windows are both your property’s biggest insulation problem, and its solution. 

19 Dec

How to Block Sunlight Heat from Windows [DIY Comparison]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Window Insulation

The sun’s heat energy can warm your home to uncomfortable levels, especially in the summer. Instead of battling the unpleasant indoor temperatures with your cooling system and fans, learn how to block sunlight heat from windows. You’ll save every month on your energy bill, reduce your household’s carbon footprint tremendously and you’ll finally get to enjoy being in your home all year round.

12 Dec

How To Reduce Traffic Noise In The House With Soundproofed Windows

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

Would you like to know how to reduce traffic noise in the house and put the aggravating sounds of the road on permanent mute?

05 Dec

How to Reduce Train Noise In Your Home

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

Noise pollution from modern rail systems is a major concern for residents in and around Australia’s urban centres. The ultra loud decibel levels, high pitches and vibrations are a threat to well-being and put a major dampener on quality of life.