28 Nov

How Much Do Soundproof Windows Cost? [Comparison Guide]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

There is a prevailing misconception that property owners have to spend thousands of dollars if they want to reduce noise and enjoy a quiet home. When you look at all the factors that go into how much soundproof windows cost, the potential price tag can vary tremendously. 

21 Nov

6 Facts About Laminated Glass Soundproofing

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

If you’ve done any research on window soundproofing, you’ll find laminated glass is almost always mentioned.

14 Nov

How to Get the Best Soundproof Windows Money Can Buy

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

There’s no doubt about it – you’re done with noise pollution. The traffic, trains, planes and your neighbour’s garage band. You need the best soundproof windows to shut out the noise, once and for all.

07 Nov

Are Window Inserts Good for Noise Reduction?

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

It is possible to keep your existing timber windows and still enjoy substantial noise reduction. Window inserts allow you to alter your current windows, instead of having to replace them, which is less expensive than installing a new double glazed window.

31 Oct

Double or Triple Glazing for Sound Insulation [Comparison]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

Many property owners assume that using triple glazing for sound insulation is the best way to get optimal acoustic benefits.