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07 Nov

Are Window Inserts Good for Noise Reduction?

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

It is possible to keep your existing timber windows and still enjoy substantial noise reduction. Window inserts allow you to alter your current windows, instead of having to replace them, which is less expensive than installing a new double glazed window.

31 Oct

Double or Triple Glazing for Sound Insulation [Comparison]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

Many property owners assume that using triple glazing for sound insulation is the best way to get optimal acoustic benefits. 

24 Oct

How to Soundproof Sash Windows [Without Sacrificing Anything!]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

It is possible to effectively soundproof sash windows without losing all the things you love about your windows.

17 Oct

The Myths of Secondary Double Glazing for Noise Reduction

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

Using secondary double glazing for noise reduction is often thought of as the more affordable alternative to double glazed windows. However, this misconception is not giving property owners the full picture.

10 Oct

Are Windows to Block Out Noise Worth the Money? [Explained]

Posted by Graeme Clarke Soundproofing

The incessant hum of your neighbour’s outdoor air conditioning unit. The high pitch of brakes screeching to a halt. The stress of rush hour traffic. Most of us, whether in the city, suburbia or even further out from the urban centres, don't know what the sound of silence is really like. Those who do likely have had windows to block out noise installed.