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3 Advancements in Energy Efficient Windows

Graeme Clarke January 23, 2018 Window Insulation

Today’s energy efficient windows are better for the environment and for helping property owners save on energy bills than ever before, thanks to several important advancements in window technology. When designed with sustainability in mind and installed by window professionals who understand the positive impact every detail can make, double glazing can transform the function of the modern glass window – along with the impact every household will have on the environment.


True sustainable living is not as out of reach as many people assume. By investing in high efficiency windows, you can enhance the natural insulating power of your home dramatically.


Considering the fact that the typical building loses 21 to 31 percent of its indoor heat through single glazed windows in the winter and experiences similar unwanted solar heat gain in the summer, windows have become the channels through which a sizable chunk of our heating and cooling is being wasted. This wasted energy goes out the window along with dollars spent to pay for that energy and the fossil fuels burned to create it.


Upgrading to double glazing is one of the most powerful steps each one of us can take to live more sustainably.


And the shocking part?


Because these windows are so efficient with modern industry advancements, you will make back every dollar you spend on the investment over time through lowered energy bills. The key to getting a truly sustainable double glazing system installed, is to work with professionals who are just as interested in promoting a more eco-conscious society as you are.




Do you want to know how to save energy at home, reduce your family’s carbon footprint, and enjoy a comfortable, healthy home with beautiful windows? 


As well as the other perks of having properly insulated windows, like a quieter, more peaceful home and less UV exposure?


Here are the advancements in energy efficient windows every property owner should understand. 


When you realise what can be done with modern window technology and how affordable double glazing can be thanks to forward-thinking window conversion systems, you’ll only have one question – why didn’t someone tell me how sensible energy efficient windows could be sooner?



1. Modern Double Glazing Windows Can Be Retrofitted Instead of Replaced


Today, there is more than one way to achieve energy saving double glazed windows. In the past, the entire existing window had to be removed and a new one installed. This full replacement causes a number of issues that make the idea of upgrading to double pane energy efficient windows a lot less attractive, and less eco-friendly:


  • Ripping the old window out means the existing joinery is wasted and new materials have to be used.


  • The risk of damage to wall cladding and the area around the previous frame, as well as opening spaces for drafts, increases.


  • New double glazed window installation doesn’t usually account for condensation, which can lead to moisture damage over time and future work may be needed.


  • A full window replacement is costly, making an efficient window upgrade cost-prohibitive for many property owners.


Over the past decade, window engineers have created vastly improved systems for installing double glazing. Instead of replacing with new windows, you can have your existing timber joinery retrofitted so the new, double pane glass unit can be installed.


The retrofitting process is more economically efficient – with Thermawood it costs about one-third the price of new double glazed windows. And, it can be far more sustainable, the more so depending on the specific retrofit double glazing system you use.


With energy efficient retrofit double glazing, you get the profound energy saving benefits of double glazing – the insulated glass unit (IGU) of any double glazing system involves two panes of glass with an air space in between. This dynamic, between the sealed air space and the two panes of glass, works to block out winter’s cold air and summer’s heat more than a single pane of glass can even come close to.




This is because, not only can solar rays and cool air more easily pass through a single pane, when the glass heats or cools, it will absorb that energy and then slowly emit it to the space around the glass, such as the interior of your home. With double glazing, the thermal energy slows down and gets trapped within the air space, and even less is able to pass through the second pane of glass.


Plus, with retrofitting:


  • You won’t require the extra use of materials as the existing joinery stays, nor will your current window become wasted.


  • The job is faster, almost seamless, which means no materials are needed to board up your home whilst the project is being completed.


  • Thermawood professionals also incorporate draft seals in each retrofit, for even better thermal insulation (and noise reduction benefits).



2. Special Energy Efficient Glass Has Become More Efficient


The real potential of double glazing comes with using special features for your IGU’s. One of the features that will give you the biggest impact – and the most energy efficient windows all year round – is to use a special glass, known as low E glass.


Low E glass has been around for years but only in the past decade have window professionals started to consistently use what is known as soft coat low E, as opposed to hard coat low E glass.


Low E, which stands for low emissivity, is a coating that is applied to glass either during or directly after the manufacturing process. With soft coat low emissivity glass, the coating is applied afterwards and is made of micro thin silver layers as well as a combination of other metal oxides.


This yields a more reflective – and more energy efficient – piece of glass than the hard coat low E glass that was being used regularly until recently.


With low E glass, one or both panes of a double glazed unit have the low E coating. This coating acts to reflect thermal energy, causing it to bounce back from where it came from, either back outdoors if you want to turn away the sun’s heat or back indoors if you want to retain some of your heating system’s warmth in the cooler months of the year.




How much will you reduce your energy bill with retrofitted low E double glazed windows? Low E double glazing can boost your windows’ insulation by as much as 40 percent.



3. Using Argon Gas in Double Glazing Is Even More Efficient


But, that’s not all you can do. Another advancement in energy saving windows is the use of special inert gases to boost the efficiency even more.


What difference does argon gas make? Argon is a slow-moving gas. When it is pumped into the small air space between the two panes of glass in a double glazed unit, it slows down thermal energy. This reduces the amount of heat transfer that can take place.


Argon is commonly used to make windows more energy efficient because it is non-toxic, odourless and colourless. It’s also an inexpensive gas, allowing homeowners to choose to make their homes that much more energy efficient for a small upgrade when they retrofit their windows. With low E and an argon fill, you can make your windows approximately 50% more energy efficient! Go ahead, take out your calculator and factor that into your future energy bills.



The Difference a Smart, Sustainable Retrofit Makes


Take all these advancements in energy efficient double glazed windows – retrofitting, using superior types of glass, and achieving the ultimate in home insulation with extra features like argon gas – and you have a truly energy efficient home.


Combine modern technology with a company with an eco-conscious frame of mind, and retrofitting becomes more than an upgrade, but rather a step forwards into a more sustainable, more evolved future. At Thermawood, it’s our mission to provide windows that are more energy efficient, but also that are equipped to stand the test of time.


After all, what’s the point of investing money and resources into double glazing if they aren’t designed to be mould resistant or they still allow in cold air through because they aren’t properly sealed?


And, if you aren’t using earth-friendly materials to achieve your earth-friendly windows, your window company is still falling short for both you and the environment.


With the aim of providing a remarkably sustainable and efficient window solution, Thermawood has developed a unique – and more effective – retrofit double glazed system. With the Thermawood system:


  • Your existing timber joinery is maintained.


  • All components of the retrofit are reusable or recyclable materials, including a specially made grand adaptor, which is made using 100% recycled materials.


  • A patented dry design is used, allowing for the maximum amount of evaporation so your windows’ risk of mould growth and water damage is far less than what other energy saving window products on the market offer.


  • Draft and acoustic seals are used to ensure optimal energy efficiency and noise reduction benefits.




Not only are high-quality materials and a visionary design used – but Thermawood only partners with other independent Australian and New Zealand companies who share this vision, such as Hume Pine NZ, Ecotech and JTech Plastics Ltd.


Thermawood also takes the aesthetics and character of your windows very seriously. Unwilling to sacrifice the functionality and charm of sash windows and the other beautiful windows found in Australia’s Heritage-listed buildings, with any of the franchisees? You’ll find experienced Thermawood professionals who are qualified to retrofit heritage windows. This means, you can enjoy the double glazing energy savings, even if you have complex and/or older windows. They’ll look and move the same. The only difference will be they are upgraded to meet 21st century expectations for sustainability.



Energy Efficient Windows Are the Future


Energy efficiency isn’t a trend or a lifestyle choice. It’s the only viable option for a sustainable future. Fortunately, today you don’t have to go over your budget to have an eco-friendly home. In fact, by investing in a cost-efficient, energy-efficient retrofit double glazing system, in the long-run you’ll save when you add up the monthly reduction in your energy bills, whilst adding value to your property.




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