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Thermawood Franchise Business Opportunities in Australia

Graeme Clarke September 28, 2018 Franchise Business

The Thermawood solution, is becoming more and more required because of the energy efficiency problems that we are having in homes. With such cold winters, really hot summers, the energy efficiency of the double glazing is phenomenal and works in both hot and cold climates.




Why is Thermawood in high demand?

Energy prices are just rocketing, they are going up and up, and our clients are looking for double glazing to save themselves money.

What are the benefits of using Thermawood's products?

Thermawood can assist with noise reduction a well as thermal insulation, resisting sun coming in and overheating rooms, things like that, so you can use a combination of problems and issues that Thermawood can rectify by using the right kinds of glass for each individual window when installing the double glazing units.

What I love about the Thermawood franchise is that all of our products are patented, so you can't just go down to the local hardware shop and buy it. Joe blogs down the road can't just start up and do what we are doing because he doesn't have the patents on all of the products that we use.

What is unique about Thermawood?

The most unique thing about Thermawood system is the drainage system.

In previous years double glazing in timber windows was a problem. A lot of the double glazing units would fail over time simply because they were installed incorrectly into a square rebate and without a drainage system. Because this was happening all the time, the inventors of the Thermawood system came up with the idea of having a drainage track at the bottom of all of the sashes, windows and doors, simply to combat that problem and create the longevity of a double glazing unit to last for decades.

What stands out to me the most is the ease of it. The fact that we can actually go into people's homes, replace the glass without actually changing their windows.



What can a new franchisee expect when starting?


What we aim to do right from the beginning with a franchisee is that we have work for them on their first day, work that they are actually going to receive the money from and earn while you learn.

What support does Thermawood provide to new franchisees?

So we don't actually let you fly on your own until we are confident that you can do installations on your own. We'll be there every step of the way until you're at that point where you are confident about doing installations. It's not just about the installations as well. It's about the coaching, it's about the office side of it, the administration as well, invoicing, quoting. All of that stuff is supported right the way through until you're able to fly on your own.



How busy are current franchisees?

The two franchises that we currently have up and running in Melbourne are flat out, and we've had to increase the size of our teams to be able to cope with the demand. Thermawood has other franchises in New South Wales and South Australia and they are flat out as well.



What advice would you give anyone that is considering a Thermawood franchise?


To anyone that is looking at taking on a Thermawood franchise, I'd say go for it! The market's there, the work's there, the right people are there, the right system's there. We're a good bunch of people and we, yeah, love what we do, and you can have a very successful business.

To find out more about a Thermawood franchisee download our free franchise guide “Why Thermawood Franchisee’s Succeed” below.



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