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Windows of Opportunity: How Double Glazing Boosts Property Value

Graeme Clarke December 11, 2023 Retrofit Double Glazing, Double Glazing


Understanding the value of your property involves decoding a complex set of factors that determine a home's worth. Aside from location and size, savvy homeowners recognise the significant impact of enhancements. One such feature is double glazing, which goes beyond its practical function. In property valuation, the advantages of double glazing are clear-cut and contribute to an increased value.

Double glazing not only adds visual appeal but also aligns with the modern
homeowner's and buyer's priorities, emphasising sustainability and energy
conservation. This makes homes with double glazing stand out as smart
investments. Whether you’re thinking of selling, staying put for a while, or renting out your home, read along to learn all about how double glazing can boost your home’s property value.

Double glazing makes properties more energy efficient


Natural timber directies

Double glazing is a cost-effective way to enhance energy efficiency in a home, which is something homebuyers in Australia are more conscience of than ever. Installing double glazing in your home signals a commitment to sustainability, aligning with contemporary environmental concerns. Beyond its eco-friendly appeal, it positions the property as a forward-thinking investment to potential buyers.

Double glazing helps homeowners save on energy bills

Acting as a strong thermal barrier, double glazing decreases heat transfer, promoting a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. These efficiency gains directly lead to concrete cost saving on utility bills, a factor that plays a crucial role in property valuation. In the complex calculation of a home’s value, it’s evident that installing double glazing not only improves energy efficiency but also contributes significantly to the property’s overall economic worth.

Double glazing reduces external noise



When considering priorities in home purchases, noise levels are often a key factor. If you live under a flight path or in a busy CBD, external noise could become an issue. Since double glazing consists of two panes of glass with a spacer in between, it can significantly reduce this noise. With the Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System, we can reduce external noise in your home by up to 74% with different glass types and thickness including our acoustic seals. The tranquil atmosphere this creates not only improves the quality of life for potential buyers or renters, but also becomes an asset in property valuation.

Double glazing increases a home’s comfort level


With the thermal insulation provided by double glazing, the comfort of homes and properties rises, ensuring a consistently pleasant indoor environment regardless of external temperature fluctuations. This means that homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This balance transforms a house into a true home, appealing to potential buyers seeking both luxury and practicality.

Double glazing offers enhanced security

When purchasing a home, families and individuals want to feel safe and secure.
Double glazing offers an improvement in home security when compared to single pane windows, making it more appealing to buyers and boosting the value of the home. Insulated glass units (IGU’s) consist of two panes of glass separated by an air gap. Since this provides increased resistance against breakage, it can deter intruders from gaining access to the property, which is important for both homes and commercial buildings alike.


Double glazing boosts curb appeal



Mastering first impressions is an art form, especially in the property business. The secret: boosting your curb appeal. Windows are often the eyes of the house, taking on a transformative role in shaping the external aesthetics. With the Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System, we refurbish your existing timber window frames, repairing rot and replacing hardware for an enhanced look, without replacing your beloved frames.

This is especially important for heritage home owners, who may want to boost the curb appeal of their home, but are restricted due to heritage overlays. Since we’re not changing the aesthetic of your home, our system comes out on top for
homeowners looking to enhance their existing window frames – not replace.

The cost of double glazing in Australia

Investing in double glazing is not just an expenditure; it’s a strategic move that
promises a tangible return on investment (ROI) for homeowners. The initial cost of installing double glazing is quickly offset by the long-term benefits they bring. The enhanced energy efficiency leads to substantial savings on heating and cooling expenses, contributing to a positive financial equation over time. So if you’re staying or renting, double glazing can eventually pay for itself with lower energy costs and a positive environmental impact.


Moreover, in the real estate market, homes equipped with double glazing carry an added allure for potential buyers. The modernity, energy efficiency, and comfort afforded by double glazing become selling points that can command a higher resale value.





Double glazing is a home improvement that can make a massive difference in your property, thus boosting its overall value. When your home is more energy efficient, comfortable, secure, quiet, and aesthetic, it will appeal to more buyers or renters in the market. So whether you’re thinking of selling, or just want to increase the value of your home whilst you live in it for the foreseeable future, don’t overlook double glazing as you start making home improvements.


If you’re interested in double glazing your windows, Thermawood services properties right across Australia. Our patented Retrofit Double Glazing Systems allows you to benefit from all the above, while maintaining your existing window frames. Request a free quote today at https://content.thermawood.com.au/request-quote

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