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Beat the Heat: How Double Glazing Can Make Your Summer More Comfortable

Graeme Clarke November 14, 2023 Retrofit Double Glazing, Double Glazing

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As the sweltering summer months approach, the quest for a cool and comfortable indoor haven becomes a top priority for many homeowners in Australia. In this pursuit, one solution stands out as a game changer: double glazing. Beyond its reputation for energy efficiency, double glazing offers a suite of benefits that make it a remarkable upgrade for the summer season.

Join us as we dive into the many ways double glazing can transform your summer and elevate your home’s overall quality.


What is double glazing?

Double glazing is a highly effective solution for enhancing energy efficiency and
maintaining indoor comfort in your home. At its core, double glazing involves the use of insulated glass units (IGU’s), to create an insulated barrier. This design is a remarkable upgrade from single-pane windows which offer minimal insulation.

The concept behind double glazing is simple yet powerful. The IGUs create a barrier that significantly reduces the transfer of heat, cold and sound. This means that during the scorching summer months, double glazing windows helps to keep the hot outdoor air from seeping into your home, making it more comfortable.

At Thermawood, our Retrofit Double Glazing System maintains your home’s original character while upgrading to double glazing. We’ll refurbish and repair your window’s existing timber frames and hardware, instead of throwing it away. This is especially important for homeowners who are interested in double glazing, but don’t want to sacrifice the original charm of their home, or for those who own heritage properties.


Regulates your home's temperature

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Did you know up to 87% of unwanted heat can enter your home through your
windows? Double glazing is a great option when it comes to reducing solar heat gain in your home during the summer months. The key to its effectiveness lies in its ability to minimise the transfer of heat from the sun into your living spaces.


When sunlight strikes a single-pane window, it easily penetrates and warms the
interior of the home. However, double glazing acts as a formidable barrier against this solar heat. The IGUs work in tandem to thwart the transmission of heat. The outer pane remains significantly cooler, creating a thermal buffer that reduces the amount of heat entering your home.


Lowers your energy bills

Double glazing isn’t just about improving your comfort; it’s also a smart choice for reducing your energy bills, especially during the scorching summer season. Its
energy-efficient properties make it a valuable investment that can lead to substantial savings over time.

The insulation provided by double glazing significantly reduces the need for your
cooling system to work hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. By
blocking solar heat gain and minimising heat transfer, your home stays cooler naturally. This means you can rely less on air conditioning, which can be a major
energy consumer in the summer.

By installing double glazing in your home, you’re not only enhancing comfort but also taking a step towards a more energy-efficient and cost-effective living space, making it a wise investment that pays dividends in the form of reduced energy bills.


Controls condensation in your home

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Double glazing is a highly effective tool in controlling condensation, a common issue that can plague homes, especially during the summer when temperature variations occur between the indoors and outdoors. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air inside your home comes into contact with a cold surface, causing the moisture in the air to condense into water droplets. Double glazing plays a vital role in mitigating this problem.

The IGUs act as a thermal barrier. This means that the inner glass pane remains
much closer in temperature to the indoor air, reducing the likelihood of condensation forming on the inside surface of the window. The cold outer glass pane, on the other hand, helps to prevent condensation from forming on the exterior side.


Reduces noise in your home

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Reducing noise pollution is another significant benefit of double glazing, and it’s
especially valuable during the noisy summer months when outdoor activities, traffic, and other disturbances can disrupt your peace and quiet.

Double glazing creates powerful sound proofing for homes. The IGUs create a
barrier that minimises the transmission of sound from the exterior to the interior of your home. At Thermawood, we can also install acoustic seals to reduce sound further (by up to 70% with the Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System).

This means that the hustle and bustle of summer life, whether it’s the roar of traffic,neighbourhood gatherings, or loud lawnmowers, is significantly muffled.


Prevent UV damage to your furnishing

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Double glazing acts as a protective shield against the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun. UV rays can cause fading and damage to furniture, flooring and interior decor. This safeguard feature helps preserve the vibrant colours and integrity of your furnishings and interior surfaces, ensuring that your home remains not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing during summer.


By preventing UV damage, double glazing prolongs the life and appearance of your home’s interior, making it a wise investment in the long-term durability and beauty of your living space.



The benefits of double glazing extend far beyond the realm of energy efficiency and comfort. As we’ve explored, double glazing plays a vital role in creating a more enjoyable living environment, especially during the roasting summer season.

Investing in double glazing not only enhances your summer experience but also
elevates the overall quality of your living space, making it a valuable and wise
investment for any homeowner. If you’re interested in double glazing, reach out to our team at https://content.thermawood.com.au/request-quote




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