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How Effective is Double Glazing?

Graeme Clarke September 25, 2018 Double Glazing

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much difference does double glazing make? The simple truth is that double glazing makes a huge difference to the comfort of your home whether it be in hot or cold climates.




Not only does it make a considerable difference in insulation but double glazed windows also provide great benefits in:

  • Sound control;
  • Security;
  • Safety;
  • Glare;
  • Reducing condensation;
  • Heat loss;
  • Heat gain;
  • Fading; and
  • Comfort.

Double glazing can be as effective as improving your home’s insulation by up to 73% and can reduce noise by as much as 70%.

However if you have single glazed timber windows you can get the same insulation, acoustics, security, glare - and less moisture - for about one-third of the price of new double glazed windows. This solution is also longer lasting than most new double glazed windows due to patented features such as a dry glazing drainage system. It’s good for the environment and revolutionary for your interior space.

You must be wondering – is it possible?

It is with retrofit double glazing, when your retrofit is performed by a Thermawood franchisee using Thermawood’s patented retrofit double glazing system, the most advanced double glazing system for existing timber windows.

Read on to learn why so many property owners in Australia are opting for retrofit double glazing.



How effective is retrofit double glazing?

Thermawood’s retrofit double glazing system can improve your home’s insulation by up to 73% and can reduce noise by as much as 70%.


We believe in creating a seamless experience when we retrofit double glazing into windows. This means, if you still have curtains flapping in the wind because a draft is coming through your windows, you’re losing out on the thermal performance you are paying for. We use draught and acoustic seals on all windows to take the functionality of our windows one step ahead of what other companies do.

Our goal is to give you a quiet, serene, comfortable interior. With Thermawood, you can expect perfectly still curtains and a peaceful, quiet home. Unlike other companies, who apply seals onto the actual window structure, we machine our seals into the window. This means the seals won’t fall off when you open your windows.

When it comes to noise reduction, retrofit double glazing can yield excellent results. What we do is we take the decibel level of your street noise and determine what type of glass and thickness level is required to get the acoustic benefits you want. We have special options, such as our SoundStop, which is made from laminated glass sheets, layered with acoustic resin.

For safety concerns, you can choose different levels of safety glass. Safety glass is made from laminated glass, which is incredibly difficult to penetrate. Even in environments with high winds, or when glass is subject to blunt force, intentional or accidental, it takes a lot of work to cause a hole. Laminated glass may eventually form cracks with repeated, excessive force, but it is even harder to actually shatter the glass into pieces. With two glass panels, as is the case with double glazing, being able to break through a high performance IGU gets one step closer to impossible.



What is the best retrofit double glazing solution available to me?

If you have timber windows, no matter what size or shape, there is no better option on the market than the Thermawood retrofit double glazing system. Because you will get all the advantages of double glazing, plus the moisture-reduction from our patented dry retrofit double glazing system, as well as machined-in draught seals for even better thermal insulation and acoustic benefits, your converted windows will offer superior functionality for years longer than the alternatives.


Even more, a retrofit means you won’t have to go through the ordeal of window replacement. You can still have the original charm and aesthetic or your original windows. They’ll just look better and function flawlessly.



What’s the installation process for retrofit double glazing?

The installation process for retrofit double glazing is significantly different than with double glazing or secondary glazing. Retrofitting is not an amendment to either system but rather a completely separate alternative.

With new double glazed windows, the entire window structure has to be ripped out. This can damage or alter the wall cladding and other material that surrounds your window frame. It also is a time-consuming process, which means it will not always be possible for a window to be finished within one day. You may have to cover your windows temporarily at night until the installation is complete.

With retro-fit double glazing, we always finish every window we begin that day. You’ll never have to worry about your home being at risk because you don’t have secure windows in place. Two Thermawod retro-fit professionals can install between 6 and 8 panels in a day. How long the overall installation process will take depends on the number of windows and doors you have.

As with secondary glazing, your existing timber frame can remain in place. But that is as far as the similarities go with these two processes. Unlike with secondary glazing, your old single glass panel is removed and new double glazing is put in, along with several components that come together to create a whole window system, holding your new glass in place, sealing against draughts and enhancing acoustic performance, and allowing for optimal water drainage and evaporation. All the components we use are made in New Zealand.

Unlike both secondary glazing and new double glazed windows, the retrofit double glazing process always yields beautiful windows. This is because you can keep your current frame, along with the original charm. This is a huge advantage as it boosts your home’s kerb appeal and improves the overall aesthetic of your home with attractive, upgraded windows.

With new double glazed windows, you may end up with a disjointed look as new aluminium or PVC windows may appear to conflict with your home’s style. With secondary glazing, essentially more material is added to your current glass, which can create a cluttered aesthetic. This is completely different than the seamless elegance of retrofit double glazing.



Why should I use retrofit double glazing?

Retrofit double glazing in wooden windows is one of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency and value of your property. It won’t just lower your energy bills, it will also allow you to transform your interior environment into the serene, comfortable haven that it should be.

You should use retrofit double glazing to enjoy all the insulation, acoustic, air quality, and security benefits – without having to spend as much money as you would with new double glazed windows. Not only that, it’s also essential if you want to preserve your investment.



Functional Benefits:

- The system provides improved thermal and acoustic insulation.

- Complete dry glazed drainage system with a peace of mind warranty.

- It creates a warmer, drier, healthier indoor living and working environment.

-There are a range of glazing options to optimise performance for individual customer needs aincluding, reduction of heat loss, UV, heat and light damage, reduced heat gain, draught sealing, acondensation and noise control.

-Aesthetically pleasing solution that retains 100% of your wooden windows character.


Financial Benefits:

-Competitive pricing of a proven solution.

-Reductions in ongoing energy usage for heating and cooling providing lifetime financial cost asavings.

-Adds value to the home.


Emotional Benefits:

-The certainty of knowing you have chosen a first class solution backed by a business committed to afirst class service.

-Quick and efficient installation process creating minimal disruption.

-System designed to incorporate a number of elements including products using recycled material.

-Responsible reuse and disposal of waste.

Thermawood’s unique dry glazing system is the only one that allows for maximum drainage and is the most effective solution for preventing problems with condensation, such as wood rot, mould growth and poor indoor air quality.


Here is what Barbara a happy customer from Melbourne had to say:

“I have been looking for an affordable and high quality double glazing system for over 5 years. Each time I asked for quotations I was disappointed with the technology let alone the huge cost. It never made sense to me to replace perfectly fine existing window frames as this is very labour intensive and costly.”

“When I learned about technology used by Thermawood I thought that this made perfect sense to me. They replace the glass component of the existing window rather than the window frame and window itself. This technology has been successfully used in New Zealand for 40+ years. It allows homeowners to provide better insulation from heat/cold/noise as well as reduces chance of wood rotting, draughts etc. and it is also VERY cost effective.”

“Mark and his team are very professional, arrive on time, get things done and do not leave any mess behind. They are friendly to owners as well as neighbours, work hard to get the job done in the shortest possible time. I can recommend Mark and Thermawood to anyone who is looking for a system that reduces heating/cooling bills at a very affordable price” Barbara.


As long as your current windows are made from timber and not aluminium, PVC or another material, you’ll be able to take advantage of the perfect balance between an enhanced aesthetic, sustainable features, and revolutionary value. Thermawood retrofit double glazing is making it easier for more Australians to enjoy the benefits of high-performance windows. Thousands of property owners across the country are already experiencing the difference for themselves.





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