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How to Fix a Draughty Door Permanently

Graeme Clarke July 17, 2018 Draught Seals

The coldest space of anyone’s home is the area right around the front door. Everyone knows it. 

We’ve all felt it. That cold, brisk air current that comes in, seeping through the gaps all around your door.

It’s a big problem for most homes:

  • Increasing energy bills; 
  • Making it difficult to heat a home; and
  • Robbing you of the comfortable, warm environment your home should be providing.

However, for those who learn how to stop draughts around doors, everything changes. You’re not likely to get noticeable results with DIY draught proofing, but with the best professional solution, you’ll see your next month’s energy bill go down, and every one after that.

Best of all, you’ll never have to deal with a draughty home again. And, unlike with a lot of draught proofing, even the standard professional solutions, you’ll love the look of your doors when they’re done.



Using the Best Seal to Stop Draughts Around Doors

It all starts with the type of draught seal you use. You need to stop cold wind from coming in around the entire door perimeter. 

This is easier said than done. The room for error – not adjusting your draught seal for a bowed door or flooring, poor measuring resulting in gaps around your sealing – makes it hard to get a perfect seal.

This is also why fabric draught snakes and other types of draught excluders that focus on the bottom of the door won’t make a big difference. They only seal a fraction of the space around the door.


You also need the right material. Even with something like a self-adhesive foam draught excluder taped around the whole door, or a professionally installed metal, PVC, or timber seal, you’re still missing out on the impact of an optimal seal.

To effectively stop draughts around doors, we use a rubber seal. We’ve found that silicone rubber is the draught seal that makes the biggest impact. It’s also practical, being less susceptible to wear and tear and damage over time than other materials are.

What's more, it offers another advantage. Silicone rubber is an excellent acoustic seal. With rubber seals around your door, you can block out air currents and noise pollution. This makes getting your doors professionally sealed against draughts even more sensible, as you’ll gain way more than just draught reduction.



A Permanent Fix for a Draughty Door

When you use a draught seal, you don’t want it falling off. You also don’t want it to ruin the aesthetics of your door.

This is where you have to be careful about the type of professional draught solution you use unless you don’t mind the look of a clunky seal growing out of the edges of your door.

In order to get that seamless appearance combined with a superpowered draught seal, we machine the seals directly into the wood when retrofitting doors. As a result, the silicone rubber is covered by the wood so you can’t really see the difference. But you can feel it because the draughts are gone for good.


How to Get a Professional Yet Cost-Effective Fix for Door Draughts

As we are already taking down the doors to insulate any windows with a retrofit, it’s not a lot more work to machine in the draught seals around the doors. We can do everything within one project. In fact, we always machine in draught seals when retrofitting both doors and windows because we know how effective this is for stopping draughts and making your home energy efficient.

Because it’s a more streamlined installation for us to do, it only costs a fraction of what it would cost to have a professional come in and only draught proof your door.

This means you get a professional seal – expertly measured and installed to fit your doors perfectly. But, you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your door or your budget.

When you know how to stop draughts around your doors the sensible way, you’ll benefit from having a permanent solution. No more seasonal struggles with draughts. No more hassle with DIY draught excluders. And, no worrying about if draught proofing your doors is worth the cost.

You walk away winning the battle against cold draughts and so much more for your doors and windows.


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