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Retrofit Double Glazing: Retaining Character while Increasing Window Performance

Graeme Clarke October 31, 2023 Retrofit Double Glazing, Double Glazing

Australia is known for its unique and charming homes, many of which have stood for generations, carrying with them unique architecture styles and craftmanship. This can make many homeowners resistant to updates, because they don’t want to change the original aesthetic of their homes. However, with cost of living pressures and population growth, updating your windows could make a massive difference in your energy bills and comfort of your home.


Enter retrofit double glazing – a relatively new practice in Australia that allows homeowners to update to double glazing, without needing to replace their existing and perfectly sound timber window frames. Not only does this preserve the character of homes, but it also reduces costs and keeps timber from unnecessarily going to landfill. Keep reading to learn more about how retrofit double glazing works and the benefits behind it.


What is retrofit double glazing?

Retrofit Double Glazing_1

The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System is installed by retrofitting insulated glass units (IGU’s) into existing timber window frames, instead of replacing the complete frame like traditional window companies. While the IGU’s provide benefits such as improving the insulating power of windows, reducing noise, increasing security, and more, the process of retrofitting maintains your home’s original character and stops unnecessary timber waste from ending up in landfill.


What are the advantages of retrofit double glazing?

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1. Retains your home’s character

Retrofit double glazing retains your home’s character by preserving the existing timber window frames, thus preserving the original look and feel of your windows. The frames are refurbished and placed back in with the IGU’s to maintain the character of your home. Retrofit double glazing even works with unique windows, including leadlight windows and windows with plantation shutters, to complement the home’s original look. This means you can retain the original look and feel of your windows, even while improving their window performance.


2. Is an eco-friendly double glazing solution

Retrofit double glazing is an eco-friendly solution. Retrofit double glazing involves the retention and refurbishing of your existing frames, instead of adding to landfill waste. Retrofitting helps you achieve similar goals as general double glazing, but you are also making an eco-conscious choice that will maintain your home’s unique charm.


Double glazing is also a relatively quick and easy way to make a big difference in your home’s energy performance, saving you money on your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System can help reduce your energy consumption by preventing heat from escaping in the winter and keeping your home cool in the summer.


3. Works with heritage overlays

Retrofit Double Glazing_3

Heritage overlays are planning regulations that are designed to protect the character of historic buildings and areas. These overlays can restrict the types of changes that can be made to the exterior of a heritage building, including the windows.


Retrofit double glazing is a good option for homeowners who live in homes with heritage overlays, because the retrofitting process does not require any changes to the exterior of the home. We work with your existing frames to make massive differences to the insulating power of the windows and comfort of the property, while maintaining the home’s unique look.


4. Repairs your window frames

Overtime, window frames can be damaged by a variety of factors, including general ageing, weather, rot, and more. At Thermawood, we take special care in repairing timber window frames for clients during the double glazing process, providing you with more energy-efficient and attractive window frames that will last.


Painting window frames can help to protect them from the elements and can also improve their appearance, while restoring hardware, such as hinges and locks, can also reduce waste and keep your windows looking the same as before the double glazing is installed.



Retrofit Double Glazing_4

Retrofit double glazing is a fantastic option for homeowners looking to enhance the energy efficiency, security, noise levels, and more of their historic or unique homes. It allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds - the charm of a bygone era and the benefits of modern technology.


If you're keen on preserving your home's heritage while drastically improving the performance of your windows, consider the Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System as your next home improvement project. Request a free quote today at https://content.thermawood.com.au/request-quote 

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