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Wondering how period double glazing will work for your historic windows?

Worried your period windows are falling apart or don’t work properly? Are you looking for ways to improve window performance and thinking of getting historic replacement windows?


Heritage roof windows are a coveted building feature. They offer a historical quality that simply cannot be replicated with modern building materials and methods. With the undeniably charming aesthetic of these attic and loft windows, built into gabled dormers to bring in extra light and ventilation on the inside, they are always attractive and definitely something you want to look after.


The last thing you want to do is replace your beautiful Victorian double hung windows. Crafted with materials far superior to what 21st-century manufacturers use, like western red cedar and prized old growth hardwood, and built with a level of craftsmanship you’re simply not going to find today, this is a feature of your home you don’t want to give up on without a fight.

Your beautiful casement heritage windows may date back to the mid-19th century – or even earlier – but that doesn’t mean they can’t operate like high performance, 21st-century modern windows. 

Until recently, professional sash window preservation wasn’t able to achieve the results modern heritage property owners have been looking for – beautiful, easy-to-operate historic windows that offer the original heritage aesthetic but work like 21st-century high-performance windows.

When it comes to restoring and insulating your heritage windows so you can enjoy the benefits of high-performance windows, just any double glazing system won’t work. 

Don’t assume you are condemned to living with these issues just because you have a beautiful old Victorian house, a Georgian property or any other classic period building.


When you know how to protect your wooden windows from rot, there’s no reason why your prized heritage windows can’t last another century. 

The key to getting your double glazing to last for decades, especially when converting old heritage windows, is getting the timber window seals right.

You know those beautiful old Victorian windows that are one of your home’s best features – the ones you wish could last another 100 years as they are, but you’re not sure you can deal with another winter of cold drafts and high energy bills? 


With the latest advancements in window technology, heritage double glazing isn’t just possible, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home.